17 Weeks to IC14

This week’s focus is on our Monday night routine – a free Body Pump class offered by our building, Summit Condominiums – and how great the building has been in supporting us!

We moved from the east side of Toronto to the west side at the end of September, and we’ve been really happy with the change. When you talk to Torontonians about the east vs. west side, a hot debate seems to immediately start as one MUST BE better than the other. To me, both areas have their ups and downs but what I like about best from moving to the west side is the actual building we’ve moved into!

Summit Condominiums is a development built in the late 1980s that is essentially the size of a city block.  It’s a square of 3 apartment buildings and townhomes, with a park, playground, BBQs and outdoor pool hidden away in the centre of development.  I assume that due to its size and age, this place collects some pretty sizeable condo fees each month.  This allows the building to maintain its many shared amenities like the outdoor ones I mentioned previously, but also indoor ones like 4 squash courts, indoor pool, hot tub, weight room, library and theatre.

When we moved in we couldn’t believe all of the things that were in the building.  We also loved the community-vibe and were amazed to find out that fitness classes were being offered – for free!  Yoga, Pilates, kickboxing and – now our Monday night routine – Body Pump class!

Body Pump is a dumbbell class that focuses on high repetition movements with lower weight loads.  It’s lead by Jen of Raw Fitness and she makes sure that we are pushing ourselves every week. We start with dynamic stretching and then proceed to do weighted exercises focussing on legs.  Then in order to transition from legs to arms, we usually do a set of intervals – alternating 2 exercises by doing them 20 seconds on, and 10 seconds off.  After intervals we usually do arms and then to transition from arms to core by…. guess what!?  Doing ANOTHER set of intervals!  After our core work we end off with some slow, static stretching to round out the class.

This class is a friendly reminder of my strengths and weaknesses.  We usually use the same weights for the entire class (due to number of available weights) which means that when I choose a 25 lb dumbbell, I can breeze through squats and then 10 minutes later look like an absolute fool and have NO CHANCE of completing one-arm overhead shoulder press with the same dumbbell.  It just means to have to plan accordingly and either increase or decrease your speed/intensity depending on the exercise you are performing.

Here’s some of what we did tonight at Body Pump!

We’ve been going to Body Pump every Monday since January 13 but will most likely have to change our schedule when the outdoor season starts.  Hopefully we’ll be able to sneak in another awesome Summit class during the week.

Going back to the community-vibe of the building, we’ve also been getting some great support and have been featured in the building newsletter this month! For the month of April we get to be “the hottest gossip” when you’re waiting for the elevator! Check it out below:



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